Ranch rail fences are a beautiful way to showcase your property while still being able to SEE your property and the views from your own home.  Take a look at this beautiful 3-rail ranch rail fence we have completed in Lakewood, CO!!


Posted on: Thursday, November 14, 2019

Your dogrun can be functional and beautiful!  Take a look at our most recent custom designed dogrun completed in Golden, Co!


Posted on: Monday, March 25, 2019

    As usual, Denver weather likes to surprise and remind us that she is boss!  After such an intense storm, there is often damage noted to your property and structures upon it.  Fallen branches and heavy winds can cause a lot of damage, most visible but some not.  Some areas of town, especially Lakewood, gets high amounts of wind storms throughout the year!  This article discusses your best options and what to do after a heavy storm.


Inspect your fence/Assess the damage

    A fallen fence is pretty obvious, let’s face it.  You should always inspect your fence after a storm for damage that is fixable!  This will maintain the longevity of your fence and prevent further damage in the future.

    Walk your fence line!  Look for loose pickets, split/damaged wood, bent wire, etc.  A lot of these minor damages can be fixed quickly and keeps your fence looking beautiful.  Some hidden damages, that may not be as obvious, are your posts.  Wood posts, especially, tend to rot over time and a heavy wind may break them at the base without you seeing it.  If you push on the fence as you walk and you notice or feel any movement, that may be indication of a loose or broken post.  These are important to repair quickly so that they do not continue to pull on your fence, causing the weight to shift and altering the structural integrity.

    Clean up the fence line.  Organic material will damage your fence, especially wood.  Allowing leaves, drifts of snow and tree limbs can lead to rot.  Inspection of your fence after each storm is the best practice.

    If you find your fence needs minor or major repairs, fixing them quickly will save the life of your fence.  Please feel free to contact Gary’s 5-Star Fence for help.  We will ensure that your repair looks beautiful and is structurally sound!

Posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Gary's Five Star Fencing | September 24, 2018

Have you ever been traveling down the road and looking out the side window of your car you see what would be a beautiful new looking fence, but there are stains underneath each nail creating a streaking effect on every plank of wood along the fence line?

Take a look at the fencing in your neighborhood. You will notice that from there are rust stains litterally under each nail. Some of these stains extend 6" or even a whole 12" below the nails themselves.

Example of Nail Rust Streaking on new fences


This is a huge no, no in the industry and there are specially coated nails that we use to prevent this from happening on your new fences. These are some of the finer details that professionals like Gary's Five Star Fencing will not overlook when installing a new fence around you home. This streaking will leave a brand new fence looking old and weathered in a matter of months.

All it takes is a couple of good rains and your fence will go from new to old and weathered looking just like the fences you see in the neighborhood.

Posted on: Monday, September 24, 2018

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